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How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans

Copper pans are efficient, stylish, durable, timeless, and non-stick products that should be in your kitchen. Copper cookware provides tremendous benefits in cooking such as high conductivity, traditional design, corrosion resistance, uniqueness, and much more. 
Therefore, the importance of copper pans cannot be denied by experts and chefs, especially the red copper pans that are popular with both home and restaurant chefs. However, copper pan sticking is a real problem that is addressed in this article. There are various options through which you can fix copper pan sticking, easily and effectively. Our discussion below is all about how to keep food from sticking to copper pans.

Why is My copper pan sticking?

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Your copper pan sticks to food when not used properly or you have purchased a very poor quality pan.To make sure that you have spent the amount on the right pan I recommend you to get this Copper pan .using a damaged pan for cooking like that is very annoying. The sticking of the copper pan is due to high flame cooking, preheating, abrasive washing, use of hard utensils, scratches, and deterioration of the nonstick coating. So, the following are the reasons that cause the sticking of the copper pan.

High Flames
The food starts sticking to the pan when you usually cook it on high flames. It also happened when we leftover the copper pan on the stovetop for a long time. For that reason, it is recommended to cook food on medium-low flame.
Hard Metal Utensils
Using sharp metal utensils such as forks and knives is one of the most common reasons that food starts to stick to a copper pan. Metal utensils also cause micro damages to a pan, in this regard their use is not recommended by chefs. It’s better to use wooden or silicon-made utensils to protect the nonstick coating of the copper pan.
Copper pans are already excellent heat conductors so there’s no need to preheat the pan before cooking. Preheating is also avoided as it damages the nonstick coating of a pan. Copper pans already have a melting point of around 450 F. That’s why you should avoid cooking on high flames. Always put the oil in the pan before it gets warm. It is the most common and wrong method to preheat the pan first and then grease it. This thing will cause the copper pans to stick and lose their nonstick property.
Abrasive Cleaning
Abrasive cleaning and the use of a hard sponge cause nonstick coating to erode quickly. It is recommended to wash your copper pans with your hands by using lukewarm water or a soft sponge.
Aerosol Cooking Spray
Aerosol Cooking Spray such as pam or smart balance damage and burn the coating of the non-stick pans. For that reason,  Aerosol cooking spray is not recommended for use on non-stick pans because it also burns at low temperatures. The spray also leaves a film that is not easy to wash with soap, as it also adheres to the nonstick surface. The cooking spray also builds residue around the edges of the non-stick pans that end up damaging the coating.

How to Keep Food from Sticking to Copper pans?

Seasoning is the best and effective way to stop food from sticking to the copper pans. Seasoning can be done through various methods that help in restoring the nonstick coating of the pan. Seasoning protects the surface of the pan and also eliminates the chemical compounds. In this way, seasoning proves beneficial.

How to Season Copper Pan?

Below are some easiest steps that will help you to season your non-stick copper pan at home easily.

1. Wash your pan
Properly wash your pan by using a soft sponge, soapy warm water. It will help in removing dust or residue from the surface of the pan.

2. Greasing 
After washing, pour one tablespoon of oil, you can use vegetable oil, peanut oil, canola oil for seasoning purposes. Always use the oil that has a high smoke point. But remember to avoid using olive oil because it heats up fast and erodes nonstick coating.
Heat the oil
You can heat the oil either on the stovetop or oven. On the stovetop, you need to heat the oil for 5-10 minutes on medium-low flame. Heat the oil until it starts emitting smoke.
You can also preheat the pan in the oven at 300F temperature and then bake the pan for 20 minutes.
Let the Pan Dry completely
After the heating process, let the pan cool down at normal room temperature. Avoid speeding up the cooling process by putting it in the refrigerator, as it will erode the nonstick coating of your copper pan.In this way, the cooling process allows the oil to dry, sealing all the pores of the pan.
Wipe the rest of the oil
Wipe the rest of the oil with a soft paper towel or cloth. As you will see most of the quantity of the oil will dry out. After wiping out, your copper pan’s seasoning has been done and it is ready to be used again.

You have to repeat the same process after every six months as this will help in repairing the nonstick coating of the pan. However, the duration of the seasoning depends upon the use of the pan, if the food starts sticking to the pan repeat the seasoning process.

How to clean a copper pan properly?

Use of Lemon and Salt

Apart from the seasoning process, there are several methods that you could use to clean or to stop food from sticking to the copper pan.

Lemon and salt are used to remove burnt residue from the pan. Cut the lemon into two slices and pour some table salt over them. Now rub the lemon slice over the surface of the pan where you see burnt residue or stains. Continue rubbing until the stain disappear.
This Process is so useful and it helps to make ceramic pans non-stick again as well.

Baking Soda and Ketchup

Baking soda is used to remove stains and discoloration from the pan.  Baking soda is an important kitchen ingredient that is used in both the cooking and cleaning processes. We all are aware of the tremendous benefits of baking soda. So, it is also effective in cleaning the nonstick copper pans.

Put two tablespoons of baking soda and warm water in the pan and boil it for 5-10 minutes. Stir the liquid and let it cool down, after that you can wash the pan with detergent.

You can also sprinkle the baking soda over the surface and clean the leftovers with a damp sponge if the pan is too dirty.

Ketchup is also used to clean the pan, pour the ketchup over residue or stains and allow it to stay for a while. The acid of the ketchup will help in removing the stains from the pan. Rinse the pan with warm water and detergent.

A mixture of Vinegar, salt, and flour

  The mixture of vinegar, salt, and flour is used to remove burnt residue from the surface of the pan. You have to heat 125ml of vinegar in a microwave, by pouring it into a microwave-safe dish. Then add 90 grams of flour and 90 grams of salt in another bowl, also add 125ml of hot vinegar. Mix the ingredients until a paste is formed. Now rub the paste over the stains with the help of a cloth. Leave the paste over the surface of the pan for a while. After that, wash your pan thoroughly and repeat the process if necessary.

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is effective in cleaning the pan, all you have to do is to soak a sponge in the sauce and then rub it all over the surface of the pan. Leave the sauce over the stains for a few minutes and then wipe the pan with warm water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my copper pans stick?

Copper pans stick when you cook food at high temperatures. Abrasive cleaning, use of hard utensils, preheating, and cooking sprays are other factors that cause the sticking of the copper pan.

Do you need oil in a copper pan?

You can use butter, oil, or lard for cooking in a copper pan. Moreover, always cook on low flames as a high temperature affects the nonstick coating of the copper pan.

How do you keep a copper pan from sticking?

Many tips will help in saving copper pan from sticking such as seasoning, shortening, proper cleaning, avoiding the use of hard utensils, and preheating.

How do you season a copper pan?

You can season a copper pan by following the steps below.
1. wash your pan properly
2. Grease the oil thoroughly over the surface of the pan 
3. Heating the oil until it starts emitting smoke
4. Dry the oil
5. wipe the pan properly and repeat the process


We can say that copper cookware is an excellent product to use for daily cooking due to its conductivity, adhesion, uniqueness, and durability. However, you can stop the copper pan from sticking by seasoning or following the methods described above that are based on our personal experience and research.


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