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How To Clean Burnt Copper Chef Pan – Fix Bottom Pan

Copper cookware is considered one of the fancy and expensive kitchen items. People buy pans because it is a quality metal that gains and loses heat quickly. This quick responsiveness is very useful for cooking proteins like seafood, as well as sauces, caramel, and chocolates. The quick loss of heat reduces the chances of overcooking in copper pans as compared to iron and steel.

Expensive items are a one-time investment for the buyer and they are handled with great care. Other than exceptional cases, the life span of products is highly dependent on our methods for taking care of them. Copper cookware are priced items so it is important to care properly so that they can last a lifetime. Cleaning copper pans is simple but still, people make mistakes. Our team conducted detailed research on how to clean burnt copper chef pans. Here are a few tips for cleaning burnt copper pans.

1.Use dish soap with warm water for cleaning 

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For gentle wash use dish soap with warm water. Warm soapy water easily removes the food residue without scratching the copper pan surface with a wire sponge. Use a soft sponge to get it all off. This cleaning is enough for tin or steel lining on copper pans.

Follow these steps to clean up your burnt copper cookware.

  1. Fill your pan with water and bring it to a boil.
  2. Add a good quality dish soap. Let this sit for 2 to 3.
  3. Once your pan has had a good soak, use a soft scouring pad to gently remove the residue.

Natural cleaning ways for copper pots and pans

Copper history goes back along. Our ancestors shape it into pans, bowls, and decorative objects. At that time there were no dish soaps available. People use natural methods to clean and polish copper objects. Here are a few natural mixtures for cleaning such pans and pots.

Use lemon juice and baking soda for cleaning 

Properly mix lemon juice with baking soda and apply it to the surface of copper pans. Use a soft, clean cloth to remove the mixture gently. Wash it and dry.

Use ketchup for cleaning 

The tomatoes contain an acid that helps to clean off stains. Apply a layer of ketchup to a copper pan and rub across the surface. Rinse and dry.

Use lemon and salt cleaning 

Mix lemon juice with salt and apply it to the surface of copper pots. Use a piece of cloth to rub the mixture gently. Wash it and dry.

3.Regular Polishing of copper pots and pans 

When Metals like copper, silver, and brass are exposed more often to water and air, corrosion occurs. In order to prevent your copper chef pans from corrosion, polish them on a regular basis. I used Brasso Metal Polish once and the results were promising. It is recommended to polish your copper cookware after six months.

4.Use High Quality Cookware set

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Core Tips for increasing the lifetime of Copper Cookware 

Following are some important tips for increasing the lifespan of copper pans

  • Do not heat the empty Copper cookware because copper is highly thermally efficient, it absorbs heat quickly. Hot Empty copper pans damage the tin lining by melting them. 
  • Dry your copper pans and pots after rinsing in order to avoid corrosion and from getting pesky water spots on the outer surface.
  • Do not put copper pans in the dishwasher
  • Do not pick up a stronger bleach as  a cleaner 
  • Clean the burnt food residue inside the copper pans with warm soapy water.
  • Polish your copper pots and pans every six months to maintain their shine.

Still struggling with the cleaning process, here is the video guide for you

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean copper chef pans without using dish soap?

there are several ways to clean your copper pans with the help of natural material without using any kind of dish soap or bleach. Make a mixture of the following and apply it on copper pans. Rub the surface with a soft sponge and wash it with water 
1. Lemon juice and baking soda mixture 
2. Lemon juice and salt mixture 
3. Ketchup or mashed tomatoes 
4. A mixture of salt and vinegar

How to recover the shine of a copper pan?

Polishing is the best way to recover the shine of copper cookware. It removes the corroded layer from the surface. We recommend you to polish your copper pans regularly

How to repair damaged areas of copper pans and pots?

Copper Coating is one of the methods to repair the damaged areas.

How to use copper pans over an open fire?

Mix the mud with water and apply it on the outer surface of copper pans. The mud coating prevents the outer surface from burning stains.

How to clean burnt copper chef pans from inside?

Boil the water and add dish soap in it. Pour the water into copper pans and let this set for 2 to 3 hours. Once your pan has had a good soak, use a soft sponge to gently remove the burnt residue.


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