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Steam clean oven vs Self-clean? Which One Is better?

It is important to clean your oven regularly, as this will protect your range from damage and increase its life expectancy. The leftovers, oil splashes, grease, and pizza cheese will make the oven dirty and grimy. It also results in poor food quality and taste.

Cleaning your ovens manually is a tough task, as it consumes much time and effort. In this article, you will learn about clean steam ovens, how they work, and comparing self and steam clean. All the information provided in the article is based on personal experience and research.

We will discuss steam clean ovens and self cleans ovens one by one and then you will be able to conclude that which is fit choice for you.

What is Steam Clean Oven?

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Steam Clean Oven is a cleaning system that uses steam to soften the crud on the stovetop, walls, and floor of your oven. The oil and grease drip down onto your stovetop (or wherever the oven is located) and congeals. When this happens, you scrape it off and keep cleaning. Eventually, when you are done with the spraying and scraping, your oven is clean!

Steam clean ovens are better than self-clean. The basic principle that defines steam clean ovens is utilizing high temperature by turning into water and removing all the residues. It is the best alternative option for self-cleaning. Moreover, The steam clean oven doesn’t require a high temperature than self-clean ovens. The maximum temperature is 250F which is used to remove residue and dirt from the oven.

How does a Steam Clean Oven Works?

Steam Clean Oven performs its best even at a lower temperature of 250F. The cleaning process of the steam oven is straightforward and handy.

Simply pour 1 cup of water into the bottom of the oven tray and select the “steam cleaning” option. The water will boil and turn into steam as it heats up. The heated steam will soften the oil and food remnants, allowing them to be easily wiped away after the operation is complete. I have personally tried this process, and it works pretty well.

How to use Steam Clean Oven

The following tips will help you to use your steam cleaning oven in a more effective way.

  • Avoid opening the doors during the steam clean cycle.
  • Avoid using oven cleaners with a steam clean process, as steam will react with cleaners.
  • Start cleaning your oven with a steam-clean process right after you find a residue on the surface. The longer you wait, the harder it will get to remove leftovers.
  • You should only use a soft brush for removing tough stains.
  • Before starting the steam clean oven process, let your oven cool down.
  • Don’t start the steam clean process when the oven is hot.
  • After the process is completed, you can remove the water or debris in the bottom of the oven.
  • Wipe the moisture from the interior cavity once the self-cleaning process is done.
  • Additional cleaning is required if the stains don’t remove during the process.

What are Self Clean Ovens?

Self-clean ovens are ovens that have a system within the oven cavity that will automatically clean the oven after it is used. it requires high temp. and has to be used with caution. This process requires a lot of time and energy consumption because self-clean ovens can heat up to 500 degrees celsius, i.e., 930F.

Also, Self-clean is also a very time-consuming process, as it requires up to 4 hours to complete the task.

How Does a Self-Clean Oven Works?

A self-clean oven doesn’t require any water or chemicals. Self-cleaning ovens used specialized enamel surfaces that burn the food residue into a powder form that can be easily wiped out. 

A high temperature such as 930F causes carbonization of the food particles that turns into powder or ash form. The powdered form is then easily removed from the oven when it cools down. Because during the self-cleaning process, the range will become extremely hot, that should be avoided to touch with bare hands. In this way, a self-clean oven works efficiently using high temperature and energy consumption.

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Tips for using Self Cleaning Oven

The following tips will help you to use your self-cleaning oven in a more effective way.

  • You can use any cleaning solution to wipe out the ashes of the burnt food residue.
  • You should auto lock the oven, before starting the process. If an auto lock is not available, then lock the oven manually for safety measures.
  • Please avoid using any oven cleaner during the process, as it will damage the interior of the oven.
  • The self cleaning process requires a high temperature, so it’s better to take out all the stainless steel trays as high temperatures will damage them.
  • During the self cleaning process, ventilate your kitchen by opening doors and windows. It is because of the fumes and odor that will come out during the process.
  • It’s safe to turn on the self cleaning process when children or pets are not around because the odor and fumes will affect them.
  • Before removing the ash from the oven, let your oven cool down, because the high temperature has heated the range of the oven.



    Self-clean oven Steam clean oven
Self-clean oven consumes more energy, temperature and time.Steam clean consumes less energy, low temperature and works quickly.
The temperature range of self-clean is 930F i.e. 500 degrees celsius Steam clean works even on low temperatures i.e. up to 250 degrees F
The self-clean cycle can take upto 4 hours Steam clean oven takes less time i.e. nearly 30 minutes
During the self-cleaning process, there’s an emission of unpleasant odor.The steam clean oven doesn’t emit any unpleasant odor.
The interior and exterior of the oven get too hot during the process.Steam clean ovens don’t get too hot during the process.
Self-clean works on the carbonization process that burns the food residues into ashes.Steam clean ovens work on the evaporation process that uses high temperatures to turn liquid into steam and then remove the residue.
It does not require any chemicals or watersSteam clean uses water for the process to start.
The fumes that emit from the self-clean oven are dangerous for children as they cause irritation of the eyes and nose.Steam clean doesn’t emit any fumes, and it is safe for everyone.
The process requires high energy consumption that’s why it can be performed only twice a year.The process can be used frequently.

Self Cleaning Vs. Steam Cleaning Oven. Which is better?

Both the oven have their own pros and cons, but if we compare them, we find a handier steam cleaning oven. It has less energy consumption, time, and low temperature. However, both ovens work effectively. We can find many options in the oven range. 

Moreover, you can use the steam cleaning process frequently, whenever it is required, but the self-cleaning process can’t be used frequently. It is because of high energy consumption and temperature ranges.

 It also emits unpleasant odors and fumes that cause irritation in the eyes and nose. A self-cleaning oven is also more time-consuming than steam cleaning. Steam clean provides quick results as compared to self-clean ovens. 

The steam clean oven also didn’t emit any unpleasant smell, which is not harmful to children and pets. You can also use steam cleaners to deep clean your ovens effectively and easily.

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Things to remember while cleaning an Oven

here are several things you need to keep in mind while cleaning your oven.

  • Be careful while cleaning the edges of your oven as they are sharp and you can get injured by it.
  • Don’t keep any inflammable material near the oven as there might be chances of fire.
  • Do not use a knife or sharp object while taking the tray out of the oven.
  • Keep your children away from the oven while cleaning, they might get injured by it.
  • Keep your windows open while cleaning the oven

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: a self-clean or steam clean oven?

Steam clean consumes less energy, time, and temperature range. It also works faster and more efficiently than a self-clean oven. However, steam clean works on the process of utilization of high temperature that turns water into steam. Whereas, self-clean works on the process of carbonization that turns food residue into burnt ashes.

Is a steam cleaning oven self-cleaning?

If you prefer a cleaning process that requires less heat, energy, and temperature, a steam cleaning oven is the best option.

What’s the main difference between a self-clean and a steam clean oven?

The main difference is the temperature range, steam clean works at a lower temperature of 250F whereas, self-clean requires a high temperature of 1000F. The steam clean oven uses the power of water and with the help of high temperature, turns it into steam. However, a self-clean oven works on the process of carbonization.


The above discussion is based on personal experience and research that will help you to find the best cleaning process according to your requirements. The additional tips for the usage of both the ovens will be more helpful in this regard. It is because cleaning the oven is an essential process that should not be avoided by any user.


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