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Pros and Cons of Steam Ovens (Are They Worth To Buy)?

Steam ovens

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As the name indicates steam ovens use hot steam to cook food. A completely different concept of cooking food with steam instead of hot air. The hot steam keeps the essence of food even on reheating. It is considered one of the best alternatives for a standard convection oven because it provides healthier, fresh, and tastier cooked food.

Working of Steam ovens

The basic structure of steam ovens consists of a small water tank that is filled with water before using the oven. There are ducks that release the hot steam in the cavity of the oven to cook the food.

The tank water is released into a built-in boiler. This water is boiled up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The super-hot steam is produced and released into the oven cavity through ducks. It is circulated until the food is cooked. Some steam ovens are directly connected to the water line to reduce the effort of refilling the water tank after every meal.

Difference Between Steam and Conventional Ovens – (steam ovens vs conventional)

Healthy, tasty, and fresh cooked food

In terms of health, steam ovens are preferred as compared to standard ovens because steam locks the moisture of the food and there is no need for extra oil or fat to keep food moist. The essence of food cooked in steam remains even on reheating and to be very honest due to this reason i love my F.Blumlein Oven. Also Steam does not eliminate the vitamins and minerals of food. It is one of the major benefits of steam ovens. While in a standard oven-hot air dries the food and also affects the essence of food.

Temperature limit

As the water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, steam ovens cook food up to this temperature while standard ovens cook at a higher temperature also.


Steam ovens are faster in cooking food because heat transfer as steam is 100 times more efficient than air.


Steam ovens are not for baking. So for baking standard ovens are best.

Brown food

Steam ovens do not change the color of food to brown. So for brown food use standard air ovens.

Combi ovens

Another alternative of steam ovens is a combi that has dual functionalities. It can steam and bake. So instead of buying a steamer and oven, buy the combi oven because it is the more efficient and space-effective approach.For Combi oven that can bake and steam for you, I recommend you to go for Multifunctional FOTILE Chefcubii 4 in 1. yes you heard that right four in one because this machine will be going to work for you as a baker, as a steam oven, as an air fryer and food dehydrator too. The only drawback of a combi oven is that it is expensive.

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Pros of steam ovens

When it comes to flavors and nutrients, steam ovens are more favorable. Other advantages of steam ovens are as follows.

Steaming v/s Boiling

Cooking food with steam retains the flavors and nutrients while food loses essence during boiling. Also boiling required constant monitoring because if over-boiled food becomes completely dissolved in water or becomes gummier.


Heat transfer through is 100 times faster than heat transfer through the air. This property of steam makes the steam ovens more efficient.


Steam ovens are lower in cost. Also, the services and maintenance cost is also less

More production

Steam ovens have more capacity for cooking and steaming larger batches of food. A steam oven can work as both a steamer and an oven.

Cons of Steam ovens

Following are a few disadvantages of steam ovens:

Temperature bound

As the water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, steam ovens cook food up to this temperature only.

No Baking

Steam ovens are not for baking food because baking needs dry air while steam provides moist air.

No Brown/Golden brown food

Steam ovens do not change the color of food into brown or golden brown. The color of the food retains in steam ovens

if you are still confused then i have made a simple table for you to understand

Food Keep its essence and flavorsCan Cook to a specific temperature range only
Faster And EfficientNo Baking
More Production

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a steam oven replace a regular oven?

Yes, a steam oven is one of the best alternatives to a regular oven because it cooks food 100 times faster than a regular oven. Low in cost and provide healthier and fresh food. If you use an oven for baking then a steam oven is not baking.

Do professional chefs use steam ovens?

Steam ovens are the foremost choice of professional chefs. In a commercial setup, steam ovens are preferred to retain the essence and quality of food. There is very little chance of burning food in steam ovens.


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