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Can I use a Blender instead of the Mixer? (Best Alternative)

Blenders and mixers are something that we almost use daily in our kitchen. When it comes to blending to mix there are several questions that come to mind like can a blender replace a mixer? Can a blender do all the tasks that a mixer does? Is a blender more powerful than a mixer? We are going to respond to all of these queries in this post but let’s start with the most debatable question

Can I use a blender instead of a mixer?

The answer is both yes and no. Blenders are mostly used for liquids while mixers are used for heavier ingredients. However, there are some cases where you can use a blender in place of a mixer. For example, if you are making pancake batter, you can use a blender instead of a mixer because the ingredients are lighter. If you are making something like dough, then you will need to use a mixer because the ingredients are heavier and need more force to mix together.

But this is a general idea, to understand it better we need to see how do they work.

How does a Blender Work?

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a blender works by rotating extremely fast blades which are at the bottom of the blender. These blades chop up everything into very small pieces and then pass it through a mesh at the bottom. So a blender comes with a powerful motor and a blade that rotates at a very fast speed to chop up ingredients before passing it through a mesh. Mainly blenders are the best choice when you are going to make liquid ingredients like soups, or even for making hot sauces. there are several kinds of blenders available for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Countertop Blender

These kinds of blenders are probably the best blenders you can find for your kitchen. You can make almost any kind of food with this blender starting from smoothies to milkshakes to pureeing veggies.

it comes with a powerful electric motor, a jar, a blade, and several speeds options for you to choose from. you just need to put things in a jar, close it and then choose the speed to blend. The machine will do its work. Breville BBL620SIL is one of the finest examples of countertop blenders.

Breville BBL620SIL countertop blender

Single-Serve Blender

these kinds of blenders are smaller than traditional blenders and work best when you only need to blend one or two servings. They come with several attachments as well as a powerful motor and a jar. All you need to do is add your ingredients to it and blend. if you want to make a glass of smoothie for yourself, then this blender will do the job perfectly and quickly. the best example of these kinds of blenders is nutribullet Personal Blender which comes with some great features.

Nutri Bullet Pro personal Blender

Portable Blender

These kinds of blenders are perfect for traveling and outdoor use. These kinds of blenders are small and easy to carry. They don’t need any cords to work which makes them perfect for taking them outside. You can make shakes, smoothies, etc with these kinds of blenders easily. such blenders are made of very strong and durable material that can resist shocks and strains when traveling with them. Popbabies Portable Blender is a great example of a blender that you can take anywhere.

Portable Blender, PopBabies

these blenders come with a rechargeable battery so you can blend anywhere without any problem.

So we have talked a lot about the structure and the way of work of blenders. Now let’s see how a mix works and what kind of mixers are being used in these days.

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How does a Mixer work?

Mixers are completely different from blenders. They do not chop up things into really small pieces like blenders. They mix all the ingredients together to make a well-combined mixture. It consists of a heavy base, a mixing bowl where you put your ingredients, a beater to mix the ingredients, and of course a strong power motor.

There are lots and lots of different kinds and styles of mixers available these days depending on the type, size, and style. let’s see a few of them.

Hand Mixer

These kinds of mixers are perfect for making cake batter or egg white to make meringue. They can blend things together easily and quickly. to prepare the mixer you need to put all the ingredients in a bowl and attach the mixer to it. Place the bowl on a countertop or a table, turn on the mixer and it will mix the ingredients together really well. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a great example of such a mixer.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Stand Mixer

These kinds of mixers are perfect for heavy mixing jobs. These come with bigger motors and stronger blades that can blend almost anything together really fast. These kinds of mixers are heavy so they need to be attached to a countertop with their strong base. In order to use a stand mixer all you need to do is prepare your ingredients and place them in a bowl. attach the mixer to it and turn it on.

these mixers come with large-volume bowls that can blend a large amount of food at once. due to large capacity bowls, these mixers can be used on the commercial level. A very well-known example of this is Aucma Stand Mixer.

Aucma Stand Mixer

Kitchen Mixer

these kinds of mixers are perfect for kitchen use. from making cakes to kneading dough, these kitchen mixers with strong motors and stronger blades so you can make almost any kind of food with this mixer starting from cake batter to pizza dough. Take the amazing KITCHENAID Professional Mixer to make your life easy!

KITCHENAID Professional 600 Stand Mixers

Difference between mixer and Blender

So we have seen the blenders are good when you want to make smoothies or milkshakes where you need to chop up lots of ingredients together. But when it comes to making cake batter, pizza dough, or pancakes we need a mixer because we don’t want to chop up our ingredients, we just want to mix them together well.

Best for Liquid drinks like smoothiesbest to mix dough like pizza dough
Use More Electricity and normally more powerfulMore Energy Efficient
use to chop thingsuse to mix things

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Mixer

Keep the following things in mind whenever you plan to buy a new mixer


The wattage of the motor is really important because if it won’t be enough strong your mixture will not mix up properly so if you are going to mix tougher ingredients always choose a mixer with a higher-wattage motor.


The size of the bowl and capacity should be considered when buying a new mixer for your kitchen. If you are going to prepare food for only a few people buy a small mixer but if you are preparing food for more than 4 people then always go for a big bowl size because it will help you to prepare more food at once.


Quality is something that we should look for in anything that we buy so obviously for mixers always check that the bowl and the blades are made up of a strong material that it does not get rust from water.


Price is another important thing that should be considered while buying a mixer for your kitchen because not everyone can afford an expensive mixer. So always go for a mixer that fits in your budget because getting an expensive mixer does not mean you are getting good quality as well.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Blender


The size of the blender totally depends upon your need. if you are living alone or with a small family then you can go for a personal blender or a blender with a smaller jar. But if there are many people in your house then go for big-sized blenders so you can prepare a lot of food at a time.


always go for a blender where the blades and bowl are made up of strong material because if the blades and the bowl are not strong then it will break easily when you will try to crush a bit of hard food.


The motor is a very important part of a blender because if you go for a blender with a low-wattage motor then it will not be able to crush hard food like ice, frozen fruit or nuts. So always make sure that the motor of your blender is as per your need.


The price is up to you. If you are buying a blender for commercial use then go for expensive ones because commercial blenders come with bigger jars and with a strong motor.on the other hand, if you are buying it for your home, then always go for a blender that is easily affordable and fits perfectly in your budget.

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Can a blender replace a mixer?

In some cases yes you can replace the mixer with a blender. If you are making milkshakes or smoothies then you can easily use the blender instead of the mixer. But if you want to make pizza dough or any other heavier kind of dough, then you need to use a mixer.

What can I use if I don’t have an electric mixer?

If you don’t have an electric mixer then you can use manual mixers like hand-mixer instead of electric. If you don’t have even a hand mixer then you can use mix manually by using your hands and with a beater.

Which is more powerful blender or Mixer?

If we compare hand mixers with blenders then we can say that blenders are more powerful as compared to mixers. Because blenders can chop up big chunks into small pieces whereas mixers just blend them together. So in that case blenders are more powerful. however, there are some commercial mixers that can be more powerful than blenders as they have a strong motor to mix things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

can i use a blender instead of a mixer for frosting?

You can easily use a blender instead of a mixer for frosting. But if you want to make a smooth and well-combined mixture, then you need to use a mixer. but keep in mind that the final product will be better if you use a mixer.

Which is more electricity efficient blender or mixer?

Mixers are more efficient as compared to blenders. a normal blender consumes a minimum of 450 watts of electricity whereas a normal mixer consumes around 200 to 240 watts.

Do I need a food processor if I have a blender?

Yes because a food processor is mainly used to crush solid things while a blender is good for making liquid drinks mainly. if you will use a blender to crush very hard and solid food then you may end up damaging the blades of your blender.


So we have discussed that you can use a blender instead of a mixer in some cases but the final output may not be ideal as blenders are basically used to prepare drinks and smoothies while a mixer is used to make pizza dough. what do you think? just leave your comment and I will get back to you for sure.


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