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What Blender Does Jamba Juice Use – Is It Blendtec?

If you are into health and fitness, you would need to make a lot of smoothies, fruit juices, and protein shakes, but with all that you must always be on the lookout for finding the best appliance for making them. With this arises the question, that what blenders and juicers would big companies use who also sell this stuff, they must be using the stuff, which is one of its kind, doing its job, the best. If you are like me then keep on reading because I will be answering all your curious answers.

So what kind of blender does Jamba juice use?

So Jamba Juice company using Blendtec blenders for a long time. these High-quality blenders are equally beneficial to use in the kitchen or on a commercial level. Blendtec blenders are used to make fresh juices, smoothies, cocktails drinks, soup, etc.

Keep on reading to know more about these blenders, features, and functionalities of these Jamba blenders, what to consider how you can choose the best Jamba Juice blender for yourself and what blenders does their competitors use.

What Kind of Blenders does Jamba Juice Use?

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Jamba Juice exclusively uses Blendtec Stealth 885 blender for making all their smoothies and fruits drinks because of its smooth finish and its ability to handle large volumes, while being extremely quiet. This not only makes their job easier and quicker it also makes the waiting process for the customer, better. Blendtec Stealth blenders also offer almost 50% noise reduction as compared to the other blenders used for making smoothies.

Jamba Blenders

As we all know that Jamba Juice uses Blendtec Stealth 875 blenders, we should know why they are so distinguished and what is so special about them. This blender is the most suitable blender for handling high volumes while being the quietest, as claimed by the manufacturing company. This makes this blender the most suitable for cafes and overcrowded places, because of its noise cancellation features and handsfree programmable configuration.

If you are looking for something which is relatively quieter, this blender is perfect for you, with having an ergonomic design, which will allow you to mix a drink easily.

Jamba Juice started their journey with Vitamix Blenders, as they were the ones producing the blenders which were suitable for handling large volumes, but they swapped to Blendtec blenders because of their quieter nature as compared to the other blenders. After the switch, they have also received positive feedback from their customers for the smoother texture of their products.

They need to crush ice and fruits for making their juices so they need a blender that can not only handle such strain, but that can also give a smooth finish, all the while being quick and noise-free. In this case, Blendtec blenders have proved to be their best choice.

What is the best Blendtec Blender for home

All products of Blendtec come with great comfort and user experience. so if you really want to make juice while your baby doesn’t awake then like me go for Blendtec Professional 800 Blender. this is a bit expensive product but believe me, you won’t regret having this cool thing in your kitchen or even for commercial use.

first of all, it comes with LED screen control which means that operating this blender is similar to operating WhatsApp on your phone. Secondly, the most important feature of this product is the sound baffling. when you start blending your favorite smoothie, the blender turns on its automatic sound baffling system and it reduces the sound of the blending process.

Now Question arises here where you can use this?

It comes with a commercial-grade motor which means that you can have this product for your juice bar or for a kitchen as well. for your ease, I have summed up the pros and cons of this product in a simple way so that you can get to know about this in a glance.

  • Large capacity
  • Speedy motor
  • Quality Product
  • A bit expensive side

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Jamba Juice Blenders Features

While selecting a blender for you and your family, you should consider the following features

  1. Material: There are different options available for you to use, such as plastic and glass, but you should consider something that is heat resistant and something that can handle pressure. 
  2. Usability: There are many different functionalities offered by the newer blenders, but another thing on your checklist should be the functionalities that are your requirement, such as liquification and pulse
  3. Wattage: For making a Jamba juice you can not select just any blender, as you will need to crush ice with your fruits. So, your blender must be 500W to the least.
  4. Blender Blade: There are different kinds of blade options for different kinds of blending you want, you can swap out the blade and do your job, but there are also different options, which have a singleblade for all the functionality, so no matter what you use, you should always go for the blades which can crush ice perfectly.
  5. Noise Level: When you are crushing ice from your blenders, the noise level of your blender will also increase, so there are options available in the market for the blenders which are not so noise making, which can prove to be expensive. Considering your budget and need, you can go for such a blender.

Difference Between Blendtec and Vitamix Blenders

Overall, if we compare the two brands, we will find not much difference between the two, as they are both designed to support the customers for handling large quantities, but they mostly differ in the way they operate.

Blendtec blenders have big, curved blades which are excellent for cutting and blending fruits and ice while liquifying them on the other hand, Vitamix blenders have flat blades with sharp edges, but they usually take more time to blend and do their job.

Other than this, Blendtec blenders are also more user-friendly as they have a touch screen from which you can operate your blender more easily and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blandtec Blenders expensive?

You might think that Blandtec blenders are high in price, but the fact is that they are like an investment for the people who are conscious about their health and fitness. This blender will stay with you for 6 to 7 years easily. So, instead of spending on blenders that can easily get broken and cost you more, you can buy one reliable product.

Did Jamba Juice use Vitamix?

Initially Jamba Juice used to use Vitamix blenders for making their juices and smoothies as they were the only company that was providing commercial-scale blenders for professional use, but Blendtec came with a better product, which not only reduced the waiting time for customers, but they were also more quiet and powerful and proved to be a better choice for Jamba Juice.

What Blender does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks is currently using a 48-ounce Vitamix blender which is with 3 horsepower. They are the globally famous coffee business and has the world curious as to which blender are they using for making their smoothies. Vitamix blenders are another favorite of the market for their excellent blending capability, knife quality and ease of use.


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