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Can You Whip Egg White in a Blender – Beat Egg Whites

Eggs are whipped to form a foam that forms the foundation of many dishes (such as soufflés, cakes, cocktails, etc. as it helps to form a unique taste and texture in them. Any mistake while beating egg whites may lead to ruin your final product, so it is very important to whip them carefully.
So Question arises here Can you Whip Egg White in a Blender? Yes, you can whip egg white in a blender but whipping with a blender always has the chance of overmixing, which will cause it to become soft and grainy instead of foaming peaks. This is because the sharp blades of the blender cut through the egg instead of whisking through it. So, if you want to do this process using your blending machine then do it carefully.

Kitchen blenders provide a variety of diverse functions such as they perform usual blending tasks as well as beating the egg whites just like any other electric mixture. Many professional chefs like me use their blenders for this task as it is less consuming as compared to whisking by hand and easy to manage, and yes for me time matters and blenders make it easy for me to do this task in seconds.
I personally use Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender to Puree for this job and I am quite happy with the results as it’s easier to clean and does not create a mess.

Stages of Whipping The Egg Whites

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The following are different stages (also called peaks) of whipping:

  • Foamy Peak: This is the first stage where egg white is slightly mixed and looks very little bit transparent. It also contains some foams.
  • Soft Peak: At this stage, egg whites turn white from opaque and hold up their shape when the bowl is tilted a little before bunching together. Other ingredients are added in this stage before proceeding further.
  • Firm Peak: This peak holds up its shape longer than the previous peak when the bowl is tilted.
  • Stiff Peak: This is the final stage that can be achieved where egg whites remain stiff when the bowl is turned sideways.

Step By Step Whip Egg Whites In A Blender?

Following are the steps to whip egg white in a blender:

  • First separate the egg yolk from the white.
  • Pour the separated egg whites into the blenders. 
  • Turn the blades of your blender on and set it to the slowest speed.
  • Whip it for 3-4 minutes before adding any other ingredients such as tartar cream or sugar.
  • After noticing the soft peak form, add the necessary ingredients and allow the blender to run a little more until the formation of stiff peaks. This time should not be more than 6 minutes.
  • Immediately, turn off the blenders after you achieve the stiff form.

Sometimes, eggs whipped with blenders become stiff and dry. However, remains soft and stiff when whipped with the balloon whisk. Some other tools can also be used to whip egg whites. Some of them are explained below:

Equipment To Whip Egg Whites

The Balloon Whisk

A balloon whisk is a common kitchen tool; you might have used it often when baking or cooking. It consists of many wires in balloon shape which help to separate the egg whites easily while incorporating air.

You can control the consistency of foam produced easily and can achieve a better glossy and stiff peak with it as compared to blenders. Whipping with this hand mixture requires more energy and make sure that the bowl is little titled in your direction. I personally use XO Good Grips 11-inch Silicone Balloon Whisk to do this job when I have no access to a blender.

Stand Mixer or an Electric Hand Mixer

The mode of operation causes the main difference between an electric hand mixer and a stand mixer. Speed can be customized while whipping the egg whites. Ideally, whipping should start at a low speed. Speed can be retained between medium in the case of a stand mixer which helps to achieve the final foam.

In the case of an electric hand mixer, foams will be produced at the first stage by starting with the whisk attachment, and soft peaks will achieve progressively.

Use a fork

It is very practical to use a fork for whipping the egg whites although it sounds unrealistic it is very effective for beating a small number of eggs. The fork works the same as that a balloon whisk, you just have to maintain the circular motion while beating and lifting the egg white to incorporate air.

Use an Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders look like handheld mixers in design but are much more versatile than handheld mixers when we talk about functionality. You need to alter between different speeds to whip egg white and need to pay more attention to achieve a perfect finish as it is more likely that you may over-whip the egg white. It will be a bit noisy but again its time saving too.

Can You Whip Egg Whites By Hand?

One of the best and most traditional ways of whipping the egg white is doing it by hand we are doing it for years when there were no blenders. It takes longer but it’s worth it as there is no risk of overbeating and you can achieve your desired peaks easily. You need a fork or whisk to whip your egg whites by hand. First, cool the eggs to room temperature. Then, separate the white egg carefully from the yolk after cracking the eggs open. Your bowl should be clean. It is best to use copper and glass bowls for mixing, as they retain no oil, unlike plastic. I recommend you give a try to Anchor Hocking Presence Glass Bowls. it does not retain smell or leach chemicals into the food items and is easy to clean. After that, whisk the egg white but first, you must know the type of texture you want, which usually depends on your recipe.

Don’t Scroll back without reading the Questions that a lot of people asked me

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to beat egg white until it becomes stiff?

A hand mixer or electric stand mixer takes less time but if you are beating egg whites by hand, then it will take at least 15- 18 minutes to achieve the desired consistency. Even if it takes more than 18 minutes, there is no need to worry and it does not cause over-beating of egg whites, and stiff peaks will be achieved very soon.

Why Is My Egg White Not Fluffy?

The following can be the reasons that can make your egg whites not fluffy:
1. Use of wrong equipment
2. Addition of sugar and other ingredients in the early stage.
3. Use of cold eggs
4. Overbeating of egg whites

What Can You Do With Over Beaten Eggs?

Over-beaten eggs have stubborn clumps and can be handled only by adding fresher egg white. After that, again whip for only a few seconds (to avoid over-whipping again), in this way, the foam will be remoistened can be folded.

Can I Store Whipped Egg White?

Whipped egg whites should be used right away for prepared food as they cannot be stored and collapse quickly when kept in the freezer or fridge.


You can blend egg white in a blender but it is your personal choice as to what type of final finish you want. Some people want dry overbeaten peaks instead of soft mountains because of the requirement of the recipe while others require soft peaks. 

As all processes have their particular challenges, and you are at the risk of overbeating the egg white while using the blenders. However, this issue can be sorted out just by blending at a low speed and for a shorter time.


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