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How to open Ninja Blender lid Easily

If you have used or are currently using a ninja blender you would know that they are not like the other blenders. They can appear tricky to use and clean, but you do not need to worry about anything, we are here to solve all your problems, as we also faced these questions when we started to use the ninja blender, then after thorough research, we found out stuff, that can be useful for you as well as anyone who is new to the ninja blender.

To open the lid on the ninja blender, you just need to push the release button on top and then the lid jut easily lifts off but be careful to close the blender before trying to do any of this. Only open the lid after your blender has completely stopped. This will ensure the safe removal of the lid.

This answers your main question, but this is not it, you have probably a dozen more questions that need to be answered, to make your experience with ninja blender much smoother. Keep on reading to know more about what to do in case the lid gets stuck or all the different scenarios that can happen while working with the ninja blender.

Why My Ninja Blender Lid Stuck?

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There can be many different reasons for why your ninja blender lid got stuck and it can cause a huge problem as you would no longer be able to use your ninja blender, but do not worry I am going to help you identify which can be your problem.

  1. Clogged Lid: One of the main reason your lid is stuck could be that your lid has clogged up because of you using a lot of sticky ingredients or not washing the lid properly after the use.
  2. Overfilling: If you are overfilling the jug, this could create pressure in the lid and lead to your lid being stuck.
  3. Worn Out Components: With time your lid can become worn out, losing its suction ability, that can lead to your lid being stuck.
  4. Water Residue in Lid: If there is some water left in the lid seal after washing, it can cause more suction resulting in a stuck lid. This problem is most common when washing it in the dish washer, so make sure to dry off the lid before using it the next time

Solution of Ninja Blender Lid Problems

You know all the different reasons why your ninja blender lid might be stuck, but you do not need to worry because we are also going to provide you with all the solutions to that issue.

  1. Use Oil or Water
    You can add a little water or oil in the blender and blend it at high speed briefly, this will loosen up the clogs in the seal that might be causing problem with your lid not closing properly.
  2. Open Wearing Rubber Gloves
    This advice might seem strange but a reason your lid is not opening is your grip on it, rubber will give you a better grip and you will be able to open the lid.
  3. Fill Jug with Water
    You can add hot tap water to the jug, this will help it loosen it up and open the seal easily.
  4. Wait
    If the lid is not opening readily, you can wait for some hours, to release the suction that is created by blending the different ingredients.
  5. Use Tweezer
    If nothing else is working, as a last resort, you can use tweezers to open the lid of your blender, but you must be careful while opening so that you do not damage the jug or the lid.

How to Open Ninja Blender Lid

Opening the lid is a little trickier than the other blender but it is not that difficult. Once you know what to do, you will find it much easier and more comfortable.

To open the ninja blender lid, follow the following steps.

  1. First remove the pitcher from the motor base, instead of trying to open it directly. Rotate the pitcher anti-clockwise until you hear the click, then simply lift it.
  2. Now to remove the lid, press the release button on top.
  3. Next lift the lid from the pitcher and if it is not stuck. It should come right up. 

If your lid is stuck, I have given a comprehensive guide above what could be its reasons and how you can avoid or solve your problem. also this video might be helpful for you too.

YouTube video

How to Use Ninja Blender Safety Switch

Ninja blenders have a thermal switch that is responsible for keeping them cool after working. If the switch is not working, it will cause your blender to heat up. This happens when the thermal switch gets flipped. All you need to do is let it cool out and your blender will be fine, as it is manufactured that way.

Ninja blender lid melting

A lid is basically a plastic piece that screws onto the top of the blender to hold the ingredients in while it blends. Unfortunately, this lid has been known to melt under high heat.

This can be a major problem if you’re blending something hot like soup or coffee. Not only can the melted plastic get in your food, but it can also create a big mess. So what can you do if your Ninja blender lid melts? Here are some best solutions are given below

  1. The best solution is to buy a new lid. You can check here Various lids for your ninja blender according to the model
  2. If you’re not interested in buying a new lid, then you can try using a different type of container to blend your hot food.
  3. Also, you can place the blender container inside a larger pot or bowl filled with boiling water. This will help keep the heat from melting the lid. Just be careful not to touch the boiling water when handling the blender!
  4. and lastly In order to avoid having your Ninja blender lid melt again, make sure to never blend anything too hot for too long

How to Lock Ninja Blender lid

There are a few ways to lock the ninja blender lid in place. One way is to use the tamper to push down on the lid until it locks into place. Another way is to use the locking arm to secure the lid in place. The locking arm is located on the side of the blender. To use it, twist it clockwise until it clicks into place.

ninja blender lid fix

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Lid Off My Ninja Blender?

If the lid of our ninja blender is not stuck, opening the lid is not a problem at all. First, remove the pitcher from the motor base by rotating it anti-clockwise. This will make your job comparatively easier. Now you can press the release button on the tip of your lid and lift it up. This would remove the lid from the ninja blender, without any problem.

How Do You Open a Jammed Blender Lid?

If your blender lid is jammed, the first thing you need to do is to let it be for a few hours if you do not need to use it right away. After the use, pressure is built inside the lid, which can cause the jamming. If it doesn’t work, you can add hot water to the pitcher, this will loosen up the lid and pitcher and it should come off easily. You can also add a little water or oil and blend it at high speed briefly. You can also try to open it up wearing rubber gloves as that will give you a better grip on the lid. If nothing else works, you can carefully use a tweezer or a flat screwdriver to open the lid. Using one of these methods, the lid should come off easily.


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