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How To Turn On Ninja Blender – Start and Operating Fixes

With the passage of time there is new technology and with each technology, the tools, utensils, and household items also improve. Just like that, a common household item, a blender, is also updated, you can see many different types of blenders in the market, such as a ninja blender, but you cannot always know how to work it out. I am here to help you out with what I have found out with my research and testing.

If you have trouble turning on your ninja blender, you need to check a few things. You should check if the lid of your blender is properly closed. The bud of the lid should be in line with the handle, and it should not be loose. You can ensure that by pressing it down with your hand. Otherwise, the red light will flash, and you would not be able to turn it on. And believe me, this red light issue in Ninja blender will tease you often if you ignore the lid part. Moreover, check if the juicer jug is placed correctly on the motor base.

If you are new to using ninja blender you might have more questions than that and you would want to know how to efficiently use your product. I will give a comprehensive guide on how you can use your ninja blender to do your tasks, from knowing how to start the blender, how to use it, and what are the reasons for your ninja blender not working.

How to start a ninja blender?

Table of Contents,

If you are reading the manual, it is very easy to assemble your ninja blender, as there are not many pieces. Once you have assembled your blender, it should be smooth sailing from there on forward.

  1. Plug your ninja blender in a good wall plug
  2. Press the ‘Release’ button on top to open the lid
  3. Fill in your ingredients, do not overfill or add too many dry ingredients in blender
  4. Properly close the lid when the bud is aligned with the handle
  5. Now you can start your blender on any of the given speed options

By following these simple steps, you should be able to start your ninja blender successfully.

How to use a ninja blender?

There can be different types of ninja blenders and as a user, you might feel intimated and not know how to operate them, but they all work in the same manner.

Step 1: Assemble your ninja blender

First, you need to assemble your ninja blender as per the instruction manual that would be easy to follow. You need to place the blades inside the pitcher then place the pitcher on the motor base, you can rotate it to ensure that it is rightly in its place when you hear the click. You can then close the lid.

Step 2: Plug in the Motor Base

Once, you are done with the basic assembly of the blender, you need to plug the motor base in a power outlet. You do not need to turn it on at this point.

Step 3: Add your Ingredients

Ninja blenders are extremely useful in blending all the different kinds of ingredients, whether you are making a smoothie or a salad dressing. Just make sure that you are not filling up the container too much. Just follow the “fill to here” line on the pitcher.

Step 4: Close the Lid

Now as instructed above, close the lid properly and firmly, so the red light on the blender does not flash. This will be your indicator if the lid is not properly closed

Step 5: Choose your Blender Setting

There are many different blending options available for the ninja blender and you will see the compatible ones light up when you put your blender or cup in the motor. You can choose your preferred setting and start your blender.

Why my Ninja Blender is not Working

Ninja blenders are a staple part of your routine so it can be very frustrating for a user, who is trying to turn it on, and it would not. There can be several different reasons for why that might be happening such as

Incorrect Placement of Components

Although there are not many components and manuals that give a very comprehensive guide on how to assemble the blender, you can make the mistake of assembling them incorrectly. All the components should fit each other like a lock and key, and you will immediately know if any component is out of place.

Wrong Assembly

The instruction manual that comes with the ninja blender is detailed and if you follow it correctly, you will be able to run it correctly. You should place the pitcher on top of the motor base until it clicks. Then place the stacked blades in its place inside the pitcher. It should fit perfectly with it. In the end, you need to press down and close the lid properly while its bud is facing the handle.

No power supply

Although you have connected your blender to the power outlet and turned it on, your blender might not be receiving any power, due to an issue with the cord or the power base, which is a very common issue among new blenders.


The ninja blender has the built-in functionality of turning itself off with a thermal switch in case it is overheated. So, if this happens leave your blender for 15-20 minutes and completely unplug it from the power source until it has cooled down.

Loose Lid

I explained above that how you should be closing the lid, and if it will not be properly closed, the red light will be flashed, and your blender will not work.

Which Ninja Blender Is Best For Kitchen

Well, there are several models of Ninja blenders and each of them varies to another in terms of price, look, or features. i know its not that easy to buy a separate blender for everything and we always remain in the search of all-in-one solutions. being a Ninja lover i am personally using NINJA BN801. it is a bit expensive though but fulfilling all my kitchen needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset the ninja blender?

There is no reset option on the ninja blender itself that will help you in resetting the blender, but you can do it manually.
You can turn off the power source, unplug your ninja blender, let it cool down if it is overheated, and then plug it again and turn it on. This should solve the problem if that is what is causing the issue.
It is a great utility and after reading all this information you should be able to use it optimally.


So keeping in mind all the discussions above I would suggest you double-check the lid and all parts of the blender before you use it. Very Recent Models of Ninja blenders are more smooth and user-friendly in working. if you ask me which one then I will go with Ninja BL770 as I am using this from last year and my kitchen is happy to have this.


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