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Can You Put Plastic In Air Fryer? – Bowl or Tray?

When you are using an air fryer for the first time you can have lots of questions. Just like you, I had those questions in my mind too and I looked for their answers. After a thorough digging around, I found out some things which can be helpful for you and make your usage of air fryer smoother and hassle-free. So, continue reading if you want to read in-depth about the kind of materials you can use inside your best air fryer.

We cannot put plastic inside an air fryer because the air fryer has the tendency to reach higher temperatures that can cause the plastic to melt. Any kind of plastic Tupperware or takeaway containers that are made of plastic cannot be put inside the air fryer. The general rule is that what you cannot put inside an over you can also not put inside an air fryer.

If you are interested to know more about, why we cannot put plastic inside the air fryer, and what are other materials that we can or cannot put inside an air fryer, keep on reading and we will give you a detailed account of everything.

Can I use Plastic Bowl in Air Fryer?

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No matter if you are using any Tupperware, plastic container or even a plastic bowl you cannot use it inside an air fryer. Air fryers have the tendency to reach really high temperatures, that plastic cannot sustain, so to simply answer this, you cannot, and you should not use any kind of plastic material containers in an air fryer.

Why do we not use Plastic in Air Fryer?

Even though there are plastic containers that are safe to be used inside a microwave, but you cannot use them inside an air fryer, because the microwave is built to heat up the air molecules of the food to heat it up which is not the case for an air fryer. Air fryers reach higher temperatures to do their magic and it is even advised in its user manual to not use any kind of plastic in it. Plastic has the chance to meet in the air fryer and cause permanent damage to it or even cause an accident

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What containers can you put in Air Fryer?

There is also a list of materials that are suitable to be used inside an air fryer without a problem. These are

  1. Over-Proof Containers: Anything that is suitable to be used inside an oven is also suitable for the air fryer, whether they are made of glass, ceramic, metal, or silicone, etc.
  2. Baking Paper: Baking paper is usually used to be safe to be used inside the air fryer but since they are so light in weight you need to make sure that it is weighed down otherwise there is a risk of it blowing up or burning out. It will also save your food from sticking to the sides and will also make the cleanup process easier.
  3. Silicone: Silicone is safe to be used inside the air fryer, if you have one that fits inside the basket, you can use it free of any worry.
  4. Toothpicks: Although wood is a forbidden material, a toothpick is not. You can use it to hold down your food, as an air fryer works by moving around hot air there is a high chance that it can happen to your food, or its smaller particles and you can avoid that by using a toothpick.
  5. Pyrex:  Popular heat-resistant dishes like Pyrex can be used inside an air fryer as well since they can be used inside an oven too.
  6. Iron Skillets: You can use an iron-skillets inside an air fryer as well, if only it is small enough to fit inside the basket. It can even help distribute the heat evenly due to its ability to be a good conductor.
  7. Steel Bowls: Steel bowls are also a good conductor of heat which means that they will be able to heat up the food and cook it evenly especially if you properly cover it with a foil and seal it, it will be just like you are frying the food outside.
  8. Ceramic Cookware: As we all know that ceramic cookware is oven safe, just like that it is also safe to be used inside the air fryer, you just need to make sure that it fits inside the basket.

Can you Put Paper Towel In the Air Fryer?

You Should Not put a paper towel in the air fryer. To See the Detailed response to this Query Please read this article as well.

Can You Put a Paper Towel in the Air Fryer?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not put in an Air Fryer?

There are many materials that you can not use inside an air fryer, and I will be listing them here
Oil to your Non-Stick Pan/Basket: Never put your food inside the basket before spraying it with a non-stick spray and then never add oil directly to your food. Your non-stick can be really damaged by adding oil directly to it.  You should add oil to your food and then transfer it to your air fryer basket.
Wood: Wood is also a material that should not be used in an air fryer. All your beautiful serving dishes made of wood should never be put in the air fryer basket.
Water:  You should avoid using water in an air fryer at all costs, and you should never use it boil water. Since the air fryer moves around the air to cook food, water can really damage your equipment.
Paper Towels: There are many other materials that you can use to line or cover up your food inside the basket and paper towel is not the one at all. It can get burnt and even catch on fire and cause serious damage to your air fryer.

Can I put Aluminum Foil in Air Fryer?

Yes, Absolutely, you can use aluminum foil inside your air fryer to line the basket or even wrap your food inside it, but before using it you should check the brand and model of your air fryer and the recommendation of the manual.

can you put a plastic bag in an air fryer?

No, it is not recommended at all as it will melt in no time. the melting point of Plastic or poly bag is around 120°C which means that by putting a plastic bag in the air fryer it will melt in a few minutes.moreover, it will emit a smell that will destroy the flavor of the food.


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