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Why is My Frigidaire Oven Not Heating Up – Easy Troubleshooting

There are many different options available for ovens in the market and if you have used them, you will know it is very common to face different issues during their usage, and often, they are easy to troubleshoot. The same is the case with Frigidaire ovens, they sometimes flare up and don’t heat up properly. Since I have encountered this issue and done my research, I will share what I have found out.

There can be many different reasons for a Frigidaire oven not heating up, we will discuss them one after the other and guide you on what you can do to resolve those issues, but before starting with that, here are some tips to follow to safely repair or troubleshoot any problem that you might have with your oven.

Safety Tips

Table of Contents,

  • Make sure to turn off the power supply and gas valve before starting with the troubleshooting.
  • Must wear your gloves and safety goggles when working with your oven to avoid any accidents or mishaps that might occur while assembling or disassembling your oven.
  • If you feel like the issue has escalated and you can’t fix it by yourself, get specialist help to do the rest of the job

Now let’s dig deeper and see the details of issues and their solutions

If you are facing any issues while using the Frigidaire, the first step to solve the issue is to try to reset the oven. If your oven is not heating up, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Press Bake Button

Hold the bake button on your oven for 6 seconds, when 6 seconds would have passed 0 will appear on the display.

Step 2: Enter the Preferred Temperature

Enter the new base temperature for which you would like to raise the oven temperature.

Step 3: Select the SELF-CLEAN option

After entering the temperature, you can press the SELF-CLEAN button to let your oven know that you are setting a new lower base temperature.

Step 4: Testing

Next time before baking or heating you can check the temperature and check if your oven is heating properly or not.

If you are following these safety tips, you don’t need to worry about anything, you can proceed with troubleshooting, which might be occurring because of one of these many reasons.

why is my frigidaire oven not heating up

No Power Supply

Sometimes your oven is not the issue, nor it has any problem. The problem might be with the power supply, where your oven is not getting electricity which might be because your power switchboard is either not working or there might be an issue with your oven cord.

How to Identify: You can either check your power supply and if there is any electricity coming from the outlet, or you can also check the cord of your oven if it is damaged or not. There must be an issue with either of these things.

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Defective Igniter

The igniter is an important part of the oven, any defect in the igniter can be another reason for your oven not heating up. It is what draws electricity and allows the gas to flow to ignite the heating element by opening the gas valve. Over time, the igniter can become weak and not work properly.

How to Identify: If the igniter does not ignite the heating element in 90 seconds, it means that your igniter has weakened over time.

Faulty Bake Element

The Bake element is present at the bottom of the oven and it is what heats up the oven and allows it to cook food. Over time it can become damaged and faulty and can have blisters and breaks

How to Identify: It can easily be identified to be damaged if it has any blisters or breaks. You can also use a Multimeter to check if the electricity is reaching the heating element.

Burned-Out Thermal Fuse

Most ovens have the thermal feature of having a thermal fuse that regulates the temperature of the oven and prevent it from overheating. Sometimes the fuse can be blown and that might be the cause of your oven not heating up.

How to Identify: Thermal fuses can be blown by the high temperatures of the oven’s self-cleaning cycle, and you can diagnose this by checking it for continuity.

Damaged Broil Element

The broil element is an important part of the oven and over time, with steady use, it can become more and more damaged by having blisters and holes. Any defect or damage to your broil element is a clear sign that your oven will not be heating up properly. 

How to Identify: Although having holes and blisters is a clear sign that your broil element is damaged, you can also use a multimeter and check continuity to make sure that your boiler is working fine.

Bake or Broil Spark Electrode

Although the bake element is easily identifiable for any damage, you can check it for continuity using a multimeter for further clarification.

But there is another reason your oven might not be working and heating up properly. It may be because of the broken electrodes. If they are not replaced when broken or damaged, the oven won’t heat up properly.

How to Identify: Bake element issues can be identified using the multimeter, but you also need to check the assembly of electrodes, which is responsible for flames that it is free from all kinds of breakage. You can find the replacement at any hardware store.

Failed Relay Board

Some ovens these days come with a relay board. Their function is to control the heat reaching the heating element which ensures that your oven is heated properly.

How to Identify: If the relays on the relay board have failed, it will affect the heating of your heating element and you can replace it to fix the issue.

Faulty Safety Valve

The gas oven safety valve works in conjunction with the safety valve to provide gas to the oven to heat it up. If your oven is not heating properly, it means that there might be an issue with the safety valve. But this is not the case mostly and the issue lies with the igniter.

How to Identify: You can check the safety valve for continuity by using a multimeter.

Valve and Pressure Regulator

Valve and pressure regulator can be an issue because of which your oven might not be heating but this is rarely the case. You must check all other things and rule out all other reasons your oven might be acting up and only pick this one as the last one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the thermal fuse located on a Frigidaire oven?

The thermal fuse of a Frigidaire oven is usually located along the back wall of the oven, and it is covered by a metal plate.

Why is the Frigidaire gas stove oven not working?

There can be many different reasons for a gas stove oven to not working. Below are the possible reasons for this
1. No Power Supply
2. Defective Igniter
3. faulty bake element
4. Burned Out Thermal Fuse
5. Damaged Broil Element
6. Bake or Broil Spark Electrode
7. Failed Relay Board
8. Faulty Safety Valve
9. Valve and Pressure Regulator


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