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Do you need a blender for shakeology? Simple Alternative

Shakeology seems like a new buzzword among all the health enthusiasts these days, but to know what the hype is about, you must first know what Shakeology is. It is basically a protein shake full of all the nutrients that are required for a healthy body including all the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, in fact, all the ingredients a healthy diet might entail.

Once you make Shakeology a part of your routine diet, try to make it a part of your diet you should not skip at any cost. Not having a blender should not be an option for you to skip your Shakeology.

So Do you need to have a blender for Shakeology?

The simple and sweet answer is NO, if you don’t have a blender or you don’t want to use the blender you can use a shaker cup to make shakeology. just put all ingredients in the cup and shake it well for a few minutes.

Before we go in-depth about the science of shakeology, let’s understand it in depth.

What is Shakeology

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Shakeology is the fastest and most efficient way of providing our body with the essential nutrients which are required by our body to do all the necessary tasks. If we do not have the energy, we tend to feel lazy and cannot focus on anything.

It gives you all the essential nutrients in a quick manner as they are all blended in a liquid mixture and usually you require a blender for it, but it is not a necessity. It basically enables you to keep your nutrient level intact without having to eat all the things.

Benefits of Shakeology

Shakeology is like a superfood that comes in the form of a packet, and you can quickly turn it into a shake and fulfill your nutrient need. It not only helps you with your craving, but it is also beneficial for you.

It will help you not only improve your digestive health, but it will also keep your energy levels high. You can make it a part of your diet and use it to lose weight. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, you can incorporate it into your meals and maintain a healthier diet. However, it will be an excellent partner for your workouts.

With all being said, it does not mean you should replace your meals with this and go on restrictive diets, in fact, it should be an addition to your meals and make intelligent choices for your health and have a better quality of life. This will ensure that you can do all your daily tasks while maintaining good energy levels.

Shakeology Ingredients

Shakeology is like a powerhouse in a small packet containing all the essential nutrients like proteins and fiber that primarily make you less hungry and reduce your cravings for any kind of junk food. It also contains minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that eventually improve your immune system.

Another key ingredient in a Shakeology is adaptogen herbs. We might not know and understand but our bodies regularly go through a lot of stress. This stress has negative effects on our bodies and Shakeology also helps us adapt and reduce stress, without us realizing it.

Other final ingredients in Shakeology are fiber, digested enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics that help our body in absorbing all these ingredients and have comfortable bowel movements while helping us in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

And last but not least there is also some sugar in them, which is never more than 7g. The thing to note here is that this is not an added sugar but the sugar of all the other added ingredients that make them so full of energy and good for your body.

How to Prepare Shakeology?

Shakeology itself is a premade powder that you can simply add to your shake recipes, and generally, people make them with the help of blenders, where they add the Shakeology packet into their favorite shake recipes, but you do not always need a blender and you can get your job done with the use of Shaker cup, which I am going to tell you in detail.

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How to Make Shakeology in a Shaker Cup?

As Shakeology is a quick solution to your cravings and hunger, many people prefer to make them on the go, before going to work or school for a quick breakfast. Hence, a blender seems like a quick solution to your problems, but there are a few other ways to do so.

The most recommended and best solution to you not having a blender is to use a Shaker cup to make your Shakeology. It is easy to use as you just need to shake your cup and it will mix up all the ingredients and it is best to use on the go. You can use a shaker cup to mix up all your proteins and other ingredients and your delicious drink is ready.

There are several options of Shaker cups available in the market these days and mostly with 30 days return policy so if you do not like a shaker cup you can easily return it and try some other cup that you might like. The one that i am using is the Classic Shaker Cup and I am happy with my little investment and I encourage you to have this one.

it is recommended to use Shakeology including vegan flavors which have miscible ingredients in case you are not using a blender for making it. Another thing you need is a lot of liquid, as you do not have the blender, you will need to do all the hard work yourself for making yourself a good Shakeology.

In the Shaker cup, just add all the ingredients that you want in your Shakeology including water and ice cubes, then you need to shake it vigorously until it is the texture you want and you are ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make Shakeology with just water?

Even though other ingredients such as some fruit and vegetable is good to be added to your Shakeology to give it a good flavor but itself Shakeology is also a complete diet where you do not need any additional ingredient and you can simply make it in a shaker cup with water, especially if you are on a go and do not have access to any other ingredient.

What is the best way to mix Shakeology?

Well, You can use Blender to do this job but if you are on a road trip or on a camping site where you don’t have access to a blender then the best option to mix the shakeology is to have a shaker cup. all you need to mix all ingredients with some water and shake it for a few minutes.

Can shaker cups go in the dishwasher?

Absolutely yes, Unlike blenders, shaker cups are very easy to clean. first of all take some warm water mix it with a dishwasher liquid then put inside the shaker cup and shake it after closing the lid. that’s it


So we can make shakeology without a blender and in fact in a very easy manner. All you need to have a shaker cup and you are ready to go. shaker cup may take more minutes but it is very easy to use and clean as well.


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