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How Much electricity does an air fryer use?

An air fryer is a great alternative to deep-fat frying and is healthier than a normal fryer. But are you aware of how much electricity an air fryer uses?

An air fryer consumes a minimum of 1400 watts of power, but the power range depends upon the size and model of the air fryer. The average power range of the air fryer is between 800 W to 2000 W. A low-watt air fryer, i.e. (1000 W), consumes less electricity than a regular one. However, energy consumption also depends on how long you use an air fryer regularly.

Before we talk about electricity usage and Energy Saving air fryers we need to see how an air fryer works.

How does an air fryer work?

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an air fryer basically consists of a chamber for heating and a fan that blows the hot air around in a spinning motion. This hot air gets circulated inside the fryer while the food remains in it. The food cooks with hot air and oil simultaneously, resulting in crispy and tasty food.

How does an air fryer work

There are a few important parts of an air fryer. For example, the heating element is usually made up of aluminum or a combination of metals. There is a frying basket and a wire rack, which together make up the cooking compartment. you can get your desired basket size to cook more food at once. The outer material of the air fryer is important as well. A regular air fryer consists of plastic, but you can choose from a wide range of materials.

Do air fryers use a lot of energy?

Air fryers do not use a lot of energy if we compare them with microwave ovens or baking ovens. The energy consumption depends upon the watt, the model of the air fryer, and the length of time you use an air fryer. However, an average size air fryer consumes a minimum of 1400 watts of power, but the power range depends upon the size and model of the air fryer. The average power range of the air fryer is between 800 W to 2000 W.

How many watts does an air fryer use?

it totally depends upon the brand, size of the air fryer, and a few other components. but to make it easy I have created the following table that tells you the average power consumption of some air fryers.

BrandPower Consumption (Watts)
Philips Viva1400
Philips ActiFry Express PLUS1800
Philips ActiFry Expres1400
Tefal Air Fryer1550
Ninja air fryer1400 to 1700
Deluxeupto 1700
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Are air fryers energy efficient?

Yes, Air fryers are energy see the efficiency of an air fryer we have to see the other appliances like a conventional oven, deep fryer, microwave oven, etc.

Among all of these Appliances, air fryers are energy efficient. An average air fryer runs on 1600 watts while this number starts from 2000 W in most of ovens. Moreover, if we make things in ovens we have to preheat the oven for at least 15 minutes while in an air fryer this duration will shrink to 5 minutes. So keeping in mind the other related appliances used for the same purpose we can say that air fryers are more energy efficient.

How much energy does an air fryer use compared to an oven?

it totally depends upon the use. Air fryers need continuous power for their fan to function properly while an oven consumes much power in beginning but after the starting time, it doesn’t consume much electricity. Now to decide the winner of the race we have to see the various things like cooking time, Size and watts.

Cooking time:

air fryers need less preheating time compared to the oven and therefore they take less time to finish the cooking.


an oven is larger than an air fryer and therefore consumes more power.


the watt consumption of the oven as high as it starts from 2000 watts and can go to 6000 Watts while an air fryer starts from 800 to 1600 watts.

Does an air fryer save electricity?

Yes, air fryers save electricity compared to ovens. if we see the watts consumption then an air fryer uses less watts than an oven. Secondly, the oven takes more time in preheating while the air fryer needs only 5 minutes to preheat.

So overall we can say that depending upon the size, watts and cooking time air fryer saves more electricity than an oven.

How much electricity does an air fryer use per hour?

air fryers use from 800 watts to 1700 watts in an hour. which means they can consume from 0.8kwh to a maximum of calculate the cost you need to know the electricity unit price. simply multiply the unit price with the total consumption of an air fryer in an hour and you will get the cost.

How much electricity does an air fryer use in a month?

an air fryer consumes from 0.8kwh to 1.7kwh electricity in an hour. the electricity cost of an air fryer in a month will vary according to usage and cost per kWh. for example, if you are using Ninja air fryer 101 which actually consumes 1.5kwh in an hour, then using this air fryer for 15 hours in a month will cost you around $3.37 if we keep the per kWh price $0.15.

So per kWh price varied from region to region but the formula to calculate the cost will be the same.

Tips to save energy using an air fryer

Although air fryers are energy efficient if we compare them with conventional ovens, it is very important that we keep an eye open for good practices to save energy. I have listed a few tips that will help you in saving energy with your air fryer.


Always choose the right size for your air fryer if you are a single person or have a smaller family then don’t go for a big air fryer choose a small air fryer like Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer which consume 1000 watts only. however, if you have a larger family and cook on regular basis then go for bigger air fryers.

Pre Heating:

preheating the air fryer for a couple of minutes before cooking will be very beneficial as it results in faster cooking and saves time as well as energy.


The modern air fryer comes with a variety of settings like temperature control, changing to different time settings, and even a pre-heat setting. always choose the right settings to save energy also avoid overcooking as it’ll use more energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an air fryer expensive to run?

No, it is not expensive to run an air is cheap and affordable as compared to conventional ovens. it takes less time, oil, and energy to use an air fryer and therefore it saves your money.

How much electricity does a 900w air fryer use?

a 900w air fryer consumes 0.9kwh per hour. so if the per kWh price is $0.20 and you use the air fryer for an hour then you are going to spend $0.18 in that hour. cost will vary according to region.

does an air fryer use more electricity than an oven?

it depends upon the duration of the duty cycle. if you are running an air fryer for a long time then due to the constant consumption of energy an air fryer will consume more electricity than an oven.on the other hand for a shorter duration, an air fryer will consume less power than a conventional oven.


The best way to avoid the warping of pans and baking sheets is to invest in high-quality cookware and take proper care of them as low-So we have Seen how much electricity does an air fryer use. We have also discussed the cost of using an air fryer and the different factors which are necessary to keep in mind while calculating cost. And lastly, i have shared some tips which will surely help you to optimize the performance of your air fryer.


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