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Can You Put air Fryer on Countertop? Will it Damage?

The air fryer is the new popular appliance in the kitchen as it also helps you achieve your fitness goals while enjoying your favorite food. But using a new appliance can be daunting too and you can have different questions regarding its usage. Especially the most important question would be if we can use it on countertops without any fear. I had similar questions regarding it too, so I read about it a little.

You can easily use an air fryer on a countertop if you have a heat-resistant mat. There are several countertops such as copper, granite, stainless steel, terrazzo, and aluminum which are heat resistant, so you do not need to worry about using a heat resistant mat. Otherwise, the mat is advised.

When researching about top-quality air fryers you might have other questions regarding it too, so to know more, keep on reading.

Air Fryer on Countertop

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Countertops are the most accessible part of the kitchen as well as the most frequently used. There is a high chance that you can damage them, but a little care will take you a long way. Little tips when dealing with high heat-inducing appliances can save your countertops from much damage. Such as using a heat-resistant mat will save your countertop from a ton of burns if it is not already heat resistant.

Will an Air Fryer Damage a Granite Countertop?

Granite is a pretty heat-resistant countertop material. It can withstand up to 12000 degrees, but it can be expensive for some people. But one thing is for sure if you are using a granite countertop you do not need to worry about any damage.

Can you use an Air Fryer on Granite Countertop?

You can say that Granite Countertops are the friendliest when it comes to air fryers. They are highly heat resistant and can endure more heat than an air fryer can produce. So, you can be worry-free when using an air fryer on a Granite Countertop.

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Mistakes to Avoid when using an Air Fryer

If you are new to using an air fryer there would be many things that you would not know about its use, and there are several chances of doing mistakes that can be very damaging. Here is a comprehensive list of all the mistakes you should be avoided when using an air fryer.

  1. Overfilling the Basket – When cooking a lot of food in an air fryer, one might feel the need to put it all together in the basket, but that will only turn out as a disaster for your meal, as overcrowding will result in uneven cooking. You should give your food some room to breathe so it can be cooked evenly.
  2. Not Preheating the Air Fryer – There are plenty of options in the market that says that you do not need to preheat your air fryer, but if you frequently find that your food is not cooked properly, it might be because of not preheating. You just need your fryer to set to 370 Fahrenheit for 3 minutes and it will be ready to cook anything and everything
  3. No Research before Buying – Although an air fryer does not occupy too much space but make sure that you have ample space to store it, and vent. You can select a product as per your requirement and choice but do not ignore any aspect before buying your air fryer.
  4. Not Weighing down Light Foods – You might think that air fryer is like a basket, and nothing would happen to your food once you place it inside the fryer. But that is not true, you need to weigh down even something as a sandwich to avoid any damage or accident.
  5. Not using any Oil – You might think that it is an air fryer, and you won’t be needing any oil at all, but after spraying your basket with a little bit of non-stick spray you also need to add in a little bit of oil up to 2- 3 tablespoons. if you want to know in detail whether you should oil or not then you can click below to read my detailed article.
    How Does an Air Fryer Work Without Oil?
  6. Moving Around the Air Fryer – You need to make sure that your air fryer is placed on a well-balanced surface and there is enough space to vent the heat from the air fryer. Try to make sure that you are not moving the air fryer while it’s still working.
  7. Not Adding Water – There is a drawer underneath your basket, in which you should add a little bit of water or more depending on the fattiness of the product that you are cooking in it, especially if you are cooking something especially fatty. It will help the fat not to smoke when your food is being cooked. You can Further read here about the role of water in the air fryers.
  8. Not Washing the Air Fryer – Air fryers are meant to be washed by hand and even if they don’t look dirty make sure you wash the basket and the drawer underneath after every use.

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Safe Countertop?

Well, there are very simple and cost-effective approaches that you can adopt to keep your countertop safe from the air fryer.

  1. Heat Resistant Mat (countertop Protector Sheet)
    there are several kinds of heat resistant mats are availabe in market which will not only protect countertop from possible cracks of the air fryers but also keep the shine of the countertop. To choose the color and and size of the mat depends upon your taste and shelf size but what i am using is this Silicon Counter Protector Sheet. This Mat comes with the thickness of 2MM which keep my countertop safe against heat, Oil and scratches etc.Another good thing of this product is that it is very easy to wash and durable.
  2. Wooden Cutting Board (Stovetop protector)
    Since Wood is Poor conductor of heat and a very good insulator therefor in our case it is another good to go option. placing a Wooden Cutting board under the airfryer will keep countertop safe from the appliance.But keep in mind that you cant use any rough cutting board as there are chances of scratches. I recommend you to use Hiware Cutting Board for Kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Air Fryer Crack Countertops?

Air fryers are created to replace deep fryers, so even though the process is different, they have the capacity of producing large amounts of heat that can damage your countertops. Some air fryers do have insulation beneath them that can avoid any damage to your countertop, but they also have vent to let out all the heat. Sometimes, those vents are underneath the air fryer, and if you are using your air fryer frequently or too long, it can be damaging to your countertop, which can end up cracking your countertops. You need to check all these things, to identify the level of damage your air fryer can do to your countertop.

Can an Air Fryer sit on the countertop?

Countertops are the go-to for placing things in the kitchen and mostly we keep our big appliances on the countertops. The same is the case for air fryers, but since it is a hot appliance and there is a chance of damaging your countertop, you can use a heat-resistant mat to avoid any damage if your countertop is not already heat resistant.

Can I put my air fryer on a silicone mat?

Absolutely yes, Silicone Have a very low thermal conductivity which means that it will transfer a very low heat, and due to this factor silicone mats are a good choice to put under the air fryer because it will resist air fryer heat and will transfer a very minor amount of heat to the countertop.


So we have discussed that we can keep our kitchen countertop safe from any possible damage from the air fryer and hence you can use air fryer on your countertop of the kitchen by adopting very simple steps.


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