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Why My Air Fryer Fan is Not Working? Fix it Simply!

Your air fryer fan is not working properly? There could be several possible reasons for this. One of the reasons is that the safety button on the drawer’s base is not active. Because the safety interlock prevents the fan from spinning. If the safety button is on, there is a possibility of a bad power connection. The problem with the power surge is the main reason for this issue. Moreover, a faulty cable, blown fuse, and heating element also cause an air fryer fan not to work properly.

The fan in the air fryer is an important part of the device, which helps circulate hot air inside the fryer. It also contributes to cooking food properly. The proper functioning of an air fryer is important because it helps transfer hot air from one place to another. And this convection mechanism is necessary for cooking food.

If your air fryer fan is not working properly, you must read this article, as it will help you resolve the issue easily and conveniently at home. In this article, we will learn to fix the air fryer fan with suitable and recommended methods.

Where is the fan located in an air fryer?

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The fan is located below the heating element, which helps circulate hot air evenly. And this hot air is required for cooking the cook properly. The even distribution of hot air is an important phenomenon of an air fryer. A fan is located either on the top, below, or center of an air fryer in convection ovens.

An air fryer is the ideal kitchen equipment for quickly making healthful, crispy, and chewy meals. It’s used to create meat, pastry, and potato chips, among other things. Air fryers have revolutionized the culinary experience by allowing you to prepare large quantities of food.

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Why is the air fryer fan stop working?

Your air fryer fan is not working properly?. There could be several possible reasons for this. One of the reasons is that the safety button on the drawer’s base is not active. Because the safety interlock prevents the fan from spinning. If the safety button is on, there is a possibility of a bad electrical connection. The problem with the power surge is the main reason for this issue. Moreover, a faulty cable, blown fuse, and heating element also cause an air fryer not to work properly.

How to fix an air fryer fan problem?

Here are the troubleshooting steps to help you easily fix the air fryer fan. Follow the steps carefully.

Check fan for physical obstruction

Sometimes, a fan stops spinning when a piece of debris, food particle, hair, fibers, or a solid object is stuck in the fan. Because of this, the fan stops working. You should check the fan blade and if there is any solid object, remove it.

If you find hair or fibers around a fan motor, you need to unwind each strand for the proper spinning of the fan.

Try unplugging 

To identify the source of the problem, you need to unplug the air fryer. Sometimes, turning the device off and then on again will help you fix the problem. It is one of the easiest ways of dealing with technology.

It would be best if you unplug the air fryer for a maximum of 5-10 minutes to reset properly.

Look for the overheated sign.

Overheating is the main reason that causes a machine to stop working. To check whether your fan is overheated, examine the air fryer unit. If so, let the air fryer cools down for a few seconds and then try again.

Check the power cable.

If the power cable is not properly connected to the wall socket or air fryer, the device will not activate. So, check the power cable and make sure it is properly connected to the socket.

Faulty cable is another reason that causes the fan not to work, for this issue replace the defective cable with the new one.

Check the thermal fan.

If the thermal fuse is blown, a device will not get a power supply. You need to change the fuse for better results.

Faulty motor

A faulty motor cannot receive the power supply, another reason for the fan not working. Try to repair your engine with the new one. If your air fryer unit gives the odor of burnt electronics, you definitely need to fix it.

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Why is the Air fryer making a noise?  

The normal noise of a rotating fan can go up to 65db. Mostly every air fryer gives sound while rotating its fan compared to a vacuum cleaner. The reasons your air fryer is making rattling noise is below;

Machine mechanism

 A fan is an important component of an air fryer responsible for circulating hot air and keeping the unit cool. So, don’t worry if you hear a noise while turning on your air fryer. It is all due to the rotating of a fan. Because a fan rotates at a very high speed, however, if you hear a very loud noise, get help from a technician.

The dirt inside a fan

 If you don’t wash your air fryer fan twice a week, dirt particles, fibers, or solid objects may strike in the wings. And this results in rattling noise; you need to check for any physical entity inside the fan wings to resolve the issue.

Loose Components

An air fryer produces greater noise than normal if any machine component gets loose. You need to tighten the components or get help from a manufacturer.

My Power Air fryer Fan Stopped working

among different air fryer brands, we often see that Power air fryer often create problems for their users. one of the issues is fan stopped working. after a while that it was used, an air fryer power fan stop working.

But there is nothing to worry about as I will tell you the simple hack to fix this problem

  • first of all, you need to unplug the power cord and if you have gas then turn off the gas
  • then you need to remove all removable parts like baking dish, basket etc and the heating plate and all
  • now you need to take a bowl and place your fan in it and hold it with your hands
  • then you need to mix vinegar and water into the bowl until it covers the fan completely
  • now you need to use a toothpick or any other sharp object that will help you to unplug the fan
  • while removing the fan, you need to be very careful as some fans can break easily
  • once all of them are removed, you need to wash the fan with water and let it dry outside in direct sunlight for the whole day
  • after a long time when your fan is dry, you need to assemble the parts in reverse order
  • now when you are done with assembling, plug it in and turn on your power fryer
  • if your fan does not work even after this hack, then you need to replace the power air fryer fan with a new one.

This method is recommended when you use an air fryer for a long time without cleaning. if you purchased the Power air fryer recently and the fan is making an issue then this video will help you to fix this issue.

YouTube video

How to fix the rattling noise of an air fryer?

However, if your air fryer gives a rattling noise, it needs to be fixed. You can fix the unusual noise of the air fryer through the following steps.

  • Unplug your air fryer and check for any physical obstruction inside the fan’s wings.
  • Try to check the loose parts and tighten them.
  • Clean your air fryer properly after using it, and it will help in avoiding such issues
  • Contact your technicians if still your problem is not resolved.
  • Replace the old model with the new one if it doesn’t stop the rattling noise.

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How long should an air fryer last?

it depends upon many factors but the overall average is about 3 years.
What are the factors that affect how long an air fryer will last? for one thing, there are many ways to “abuse” an air fryer.
overheating the device, using a knockoff brand of oil, and not replacing the filter is just a handful of things that will shorten the lifespan. with proper care, air fryers can last up to 5 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my air fryer to rotate?

The air fryer basket needs to rotate to get the food cooked properly. It would help if you turned, spun, or shook the food inside the air fryer to get crisp, chewy, and delicious food. You can do it like flipping french fries, fish filets, chicken tenders, etc.

How to reset the air fryer?

You need to press the temperature up simultaneously and the time up button for about 10 seconds to reset the air fryer. This results in a factory reset of an air fryer, which is usually done when you start using the air fryer for the first time.

Does the power air fryer have a fan?

As you probably guessed, the answer is yes. Most power air fryers come equipped with a is located in the cooking chamber so it is very easy for you to monitor whatever is cooking.


The methods explained above are based on our research and unbiased reviews. You can fix your broken air fryer fan by following the steps described in this article. I hope you will get the best results.


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