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How to Use Hand Juicer – Hand Press Blender

A wide group of people prefers to drink freshly extracted juice, and most of them use hand juicers for this purpose. Even electronic juicers do not affect the popularity of hand juicers because There are several benefits associated with the use of hand juicers.

How to use a hand juicer

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In order to use the manual juicer with less effort. Follow the following steps:

1. First, peel the fruits or vegetables of your own choice

2. Cut the pieces according to the feeder size of the hand juicer. 

3. Place one or more pieces inside the feeder

4. Apply the maximum power to extract juice on the first try. 

5. Enjoy the fresh juice.

Benefits of Hand Juicer

Simple to use

Manual juicers have a simple design. A feeder and the two hands. It only requires a little effort to squiz juices from fruits and vegetables. While on the other hand, electronic juicers are useless without electricity or battery power. 


One of the main reasons for using Hand juicers by a lot of people is their low prices while electronic juicers are expensive and only easily affordable by many people. 

Easy to Store

Hand juicers occupy a small space in your kitchen. They are easily placed anywhere even in drawers. On the other hand, automatic juicers require proper space and care. They cannot be placed in cabinets with small heights and volumes. 

Easy maintenance

Hand juicers are not handy. They are usually made up of wooden or steel material. Because of machinery/ motor systems in electronic juicers, they require care to use them for a longer period. 

Easy to wash 

There is no effort required for cleaning the hand juicers. They do not require deep cleaning because the design is open. One can easily wash them with dish soap and water. They can also wash in dishwashers. On the other hand, It is not an easy task to wash the internal parts of electronic juicers because of their delicacy and compact design. There are huge chances of fruit residue left inside the juicer even after cleaning.

Easily portable 

Manual users are easily portable to anywhere. You can carry them to picnics places, offices, etc and enjoy the fresh juice without any difficulty. 


Manual hand juicers are noise-free 

No doubt that electronic juicers are super fast and efficient but manual users are more convenient because of their flexibility in almost every day even when there is no electricity. 

Vedio Guide to use hand Juicer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fruits and vegetables are the best handled with hand juicers?

A hand juicer is great for juicing soft, pulpy fruits such as orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, watermelon, pomegranate, spinach, tomato, and mango.

Which type of manual juicer is best for extracting oil from olive or coconuts?

Cold press juicers also called Masticating Manual Juicers are best for extracting oils out of coconuts or olives. These juicers slowly extract the juices by separating pulp.


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