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Can You Put Soda in a Blender? Is it Safe?

It’s hard to get enough fluids in your day, and you don’t want to drink sugary sodas or sports drinks. 

Most people know that drinking more water is good for them, but it can be hard to stick with this habit if you’re not in love with the taste of tap or bottled water. Few people prefer to have soda after adding some water ice and other things.

But to blend this mixture question arises can you put soda in a blender?

Yes, You can put soda in a blender! By blending your favorite carbonated drink with some ice, you can create a delicious slushy that will satisfy your cravings without overloading your system.

What is Soda or Carbonated Drinks?

Soda is a soft drink and is a derivative of the word seltzer. Soda is usually carbonated water and flavored with natural or artificial flavors and chemicals. There are many different types of soda pop like cola and root beer. carbonated drinks are made with carbon dioxide (chemical formula: CO2) which gives them their fizziness. To make soda, ingredients are mixed together to give the desired flavors. Once the carbonated drink is made, it is bottled and distributed to soda machines.

Is it Safe to put Carbonated Drinks in a Blender?

 Yes, Blending carbonated beverages is generally a safe and healthy option. When we put carbonated water in a blender the blades of the blender start crushing the carbon and therefore by releasing the CO it turns into liquid. blending is basically a rotation process and this rotation encourages CO to emit from the jar. for example if we have a bottle of coca-cola and we shake it and then open the bottle the soda will jump out of the bottle by emitting the gas and the remaining liquid will be without the absence of CO.

Can you put sparkling water in the blender?

Yes, you can put sparkling water in the blender.​sparkling water has the same ingredients as soda without sugar, so it is safe to put in a blender. The advantage of blending sparkling water with ice is that you get a really refreshing beverage that is low in calories and sugar but still includes some caffeine.

Can you put Fizzy drinks in the blender?

the simple and sweet answer is yes you can obviously put fizzy drinks in your blender. Since fizzy drinks are also carbonated water in liquid form, there’s nothing wrong with blending it up. however, while blending keep in mind that this drink may lose its fizz as the carbon dioxide escapes from the jar when you open it.

How to Blend Soda in a blender?

to blend soda in a blender you need to follow these steps.

  1. First, add some ice or other cubed frozen fruit (optional). If you add the soda before the ice, the carbonation will release and you’ll end up with flat soda. So add some ice cubes as well to maintain the taste of soda.
  2. Now, pour the soda into the blender. It’s easier to open a bottle of soda as compared to a can because you can just remove the cap while you’re pouring. Make sure your blender can blend ice otherwise it would be impossible to make a good slushy.
  3. Next, blend the ice and soda for about 30 seconds. This step is important to make sure all the ingredients are blended well. Moreover, you can add any drink flavor as well if you want.
  4. You can choose any drink you like. Soda is used to make slushies while sparkling water is used to make healthy popsicles.

Best Blender for carbonated Drinks

To blend the carbonated drinks or soda you don’t need to have a very expensive blender. All you need to have a blender that can blend ice cubes along with the carbonated water.

i am personally using Ninja personal blender and it is working just fine. It does not cost that much and it can blend the carbonated drinks. The most important thing that must be present in your blender is the ability to crush ice and fortunately, this blender has sharp blades which can crush ice in a few seconds.

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What Carbonated Drinks Should Not put in a Blender?

there are certain types of drinks that you should not put in a blender like wine. wine is basically alcohol with not much water content. So mixing it in a blender will make it really potent and dangerous, especially if you mix red wine in a blender.

beer is another example of a drink that you shouldn’t put in a blender because it contains yeast which might leave chunks after blending the drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put Coca-Cola in a blender?

yes, you can put coke in a blender because it is basically a carbonated beverage and does not contain any hard substance that would not allow it to blend with the ice. however, some people say that coke does not blend well because of its sugar content. So it is better if you put the coke in the blender before adding ice or other ingredients.

What happens to soda in a blender?

When you put soda in a blender, it will release carbon dioxide and this gas will stay in the jar with the remaining liquid and form bubbles. So you get a fizzy drink once finished making it. you can also add some flavors as well to change the taste.

can you blend soda and ice?

Yes, you can blend soda and ice to make a fizzy chilled drink.to blend ice and soda, add ice cubes, and then pour the soda into it. run the blender for a minute or so and you get a chilled drink.


So you can put any carbonated or fizzy drink in the blender without any fear.it is totally safe and healthy option even if you want to make some mixture you can put some frozen fruit in a blender as well.


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